A Play Script for Kids

A sample play script for children

Explaining or teaching some important concepts to children is much easier using performing arts like theatre, which is a unique, immersive, and entertaining learning experience for audiences of any age. Here’s a sample (free!) play script for kids.

Through drama, children laugh, have fun together, and learn together.

What is a play script?

A playscript or drama script is a story that has been written for actors to perform. The term “play” relates to a theatrical performance.

Why theatre is important for kids

Participating in a theater (or any other performing art) can have a positive impact on your child’s development in many ways. Some of them are:

  • Imagination: with theatre, children can explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations.
  • Teamwork: performing arts are great to teach your kid the importance of teamwork – without competing against any opponents.
  • Artistik experience and culture: children plays are excellent to introduce your kids to culture and art.
  • Confidence: participating in any performing art give your child confidence.
  • Communication: theatre will greatly improve kids’ communication and self-expression skills.
  • Learning new things and morals: With participating in a play, children can learn many things – including basic moral values like respect, empathy, tolerance, patience, integrity, nature-loving, etc.

A sample play script for children

Explore your children’s dramatic talents with this free and easy-to-play script. It will teach children to love and respect nature.


Caroline, Lilly, Tom, John, a tree, a bird, and a whale

Scene 1

(On a sunny day, Caroline and Tom enter the stage with food packages in their hands.)

(Tom throws her trash on the ground.)

Caroline: Stop! What are you doing, Jennifer? It is forbidden to throw garbage here.

Tom: Why?

Caroline: Look what it says here. It says it’s forbidden to throw garbage on the floor. And even if it’s not forbidden we shouldn’t throw garbage anywhere.

Tom: Oh dear… One time won’t hurt.

(Caroline picks up the garbage from the ground and throws it in the trash can, Tom kicks a tree at the same time.)

Caroline: Tom, why do you always harm the environment? Trees need light, water, and love.

Tom: What next!

Scene 2

Tree: Hello everyone, nice to see you! Many of you have seen me in the woods, by the roadside. Thanks to my green leaves, strong branches, and thick trunk, I host many friends. One of my friends is a bird.

Bird: Hey, I think someone’s talking about me. I am a bird flying in the sky with beautiful wings. Do you know? I eat worms when I’m hungry. And I have a lot of friends who look like me.

Tree: I produce oxygen and provide clean air for many years, but unfortunately we are destroyed by humans.

Bird: You’re right, tree, if anything happens to you, my house will also be destroyed. What do I do then? Thanks to you, I can live protected from the wind and rain.

A sample bird costume for the play.
A sample bird costume for the play.

Scene 3

(Tom enters the forest.)

Tom: Hello tree and bird! Sorry for being mean to you the other day.

Tree: Welcome Tom, it’s nice to see you! It’s also nice of you to realize your mistake.

Bird: What did you do at school today, Tom?

Tom: I came to tell you what I did today. Our teacher watched a video about the destruction of forests and what happened as a result. Thanks to this video, I learned that my behavior towards you is not a good thing.

Tree: What kind of video is this?

(All watch the video below.)

Save tree animated story

Bird: Yes, you are right Tom. Your teacher made you watch a very accurate video, some people hurt us and our friends. When they come to the forest, they cut the branches of the tree and break it. They even throw stones at birds.

Tree: Yes, even when they come to the forest for a picnic, they leave their garbage without picking it up. Take a look around me! It’s full of garbage.

Tom: Oh! This is so weird. How can they pollute and leave such a beautiful place? I’ll clean this place for you.

(Tom collects the garbage and throws it in the trash can.)

Tree: Tom, thank you very much, I wish everyone would collect the garbage around instead of throwing their garbage on the ground.

Bird: Yes, you’re right, tree, but I’m sure our friends will keep the environment clean.

Scene 4

(Lilly, Tom, and John are core places by the beach.)
(A whale washes up.)

John: Oh! What a huge fish.

Whale: Hi guys, I am a whale. I live in the world’s oceans and seas but I am not a fish, actually. I have a huge body, tail, and fins. I breathe through the breathing holes in my head. My skin is slippery and hard. I can live an average of 70-90 years. I feed on small fish and sea creatures from the sea. And I love you so much, but I need help.

Lilly: So what are you doing here, shouldn’t you be at sea?

Whale: Yes, but I can’t live there anymore.

Tom: Why? What happened?

Whale: They pollute the seas, our habitat, by pouring their garbage and the oil they used at home into the sinks.

John: So what else do they do?

Whale: Although it is forbidden, They hunt us.

Lilly: I’m so sorry for you whale. Is there anything we can do?

Whale: Yes! You can help me somehow by not throwing garbage in the sea for me.

Tom: Of course, dear whale, we can do that for you.

(They collect the garbage.)

Whale: Thank you very much, you have done me and my friends a huge favor. The garbage on the shore will no longer mix with the sea, and we will be able to swim comfortably.

— The End —

After the play, you can watch this beautiful video below with children.

A Whale’s Tale: A whale helps smaller sea creatures who are trapped in plastic waste. On land, a young boy seeks support to clear the sea in his area. Fishermen come to his aid and many boats start to help clear the plastic from the sea.


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