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  • 10 Best Classical Music Pieces for Kids

    Best Classical Music Pieces for Kids

    Classical music has huge emotional and intellectual benefits for children. It sharply evokes positive feelings in them and is also good for their concentration and listening skills. Here are the top 10 best classical music pieces for kids.

  • My child does not want to go to school. What should I do?

    Kid at school

    For a child, starting school is as important as starting to walk, teething, or talking. A child who has reached the age required to start school and has reached mental maturity must be ready to go to school.

  • A Play Script for Kids

    A sample play script for children

    Explaining or teaching some important concepts to children is much easier using performing arts like theatre, which is a unique, immersive, and entertaining learning experience for audiences of any age. Here’s a sample (free!) play script for kids.

  • Top 5 Best Christmas Songs to Sing with Kids

    Best Christmas Songs to Sing with Kids: Santa with sleigh

    Here is our selection of the top 5 best Christmas songs to sing with kids. They are really easy to sing and super fun!

  • Books and Children: Why do Kids Need Books?

    Kid looking for books

    A child is an entity that wants to know. Through books, the child will be able to touch objects that she/he has not yet reached, seen, or wants to see and take into his/her hands again and increase her/his imagination. Here are why do kids need books.

  • The Effects and Benefits of Music on Child Development

    Effects and Benefits of Music on Child Development: children playing violin

    Research on the effects of music on child development has revealed that there is a bond between music and early brain development. From this point of view, music will be a good tool to support the development of your baby, who begins to distinguish music sounds from the womb. Your child’s academic development, especially; language […]