A Play Script for Kids

A sample play script for children

Explaining or teaching some important concepts to children is much easier using performing arts like theatre, which is a unique, immersive, and entertaining learning experience for audiences of any age. Here’s a sample (free!) play script for kids.

Books and Children: Why do Kids Need Books?

Kids need books. Photo: Pixabay

A child is an entity that wants to know. Through books, the child will be able to touch objects that she/he has not yet reached, seen, or wants to see and take into his/her hands again and increase her/his imagination. Here are why do kids need books.

The Effects and Benefits of Music on Child Development

Effects and Benefits of Music on Child Development: children playing violin. Photo by Stilfehler - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Research on the effects of music on child development has revealed that there is a bond between music and early brain development. From this point of view, music will be a good tool to support the development of your baby, who begins to distinguish music sounds from the womb. Your child’s academic development, especially; language… Continue reading The Effects and Benefits of Music on Child Development